The Rationale for the Award

To recognize and celebrate a member who has made sterling contribution to the field of HR in general and to the growth and development of HRMAJ in particular, during the review period. (i.e. October 1 thru September 30).

Eligibility (Nominators and Nominees)

  • All individual members of the Association ‘in good standing’
  • Representatives of Corporate Membership ‘in good standing’

 EXEMPTIONS (i.e. Not eligible as nominators or nominees):

  • Executive Committee of the Board
  • Staff of the Secretariat

 Criteria for Nomination

  • Member of HRMAJ for at least one year at the closing date of nomination.
  • Active committee/sub-committee member during the nomination year.

 What Is The Nomination Process? 
An eligible Association member (i.e. a member in ‘good standing’) can only nominate one person meeting the outlined criteria.

  • Nomination submission opens October 1 and closes October 20.
  • The Nomination Form requires that the nominator rate the individual being nominated for the review period against positive statements covering the nomination provision.
  • Completed Nomination Forms are submitted to the HRMAJ secretariat for evaluation. If more than one Nomination Form is received from a nominator then the first form received is accepted and the other(s) rejected. Forms without the name and signature of the nominator are also rejected.
  • At least 80% of statements in each section of the nomination sheet must be responded to. The Form also allows the nominator to state reasons for his/her nomination.

 How is selection done?

  • The Nomination Form has two categories of responses. Category A speaks to an individual’s contribution to the HR profession in general. This Category of responses carries an overall weighting of 25. Category B speaks to an individual’s contribution to HRMAJ in particular. This Category of responses carries an overall weighting of 75.
  • Nominees scoring 95% or more on the Nomination Form are short-listed and invited to attend an interview.
  • Nominators are not allowed more than ONE “Not Applicable” response in each category.
  • The Member of the Year will be selected from those candidates who attend the interview.
  • The interview panel’s decision is final.
  • The Interview and selection panel will comprise members of the Executive Committee of the Board of HRMAJ.

 Awards and Prizes

  • The prestigious Member of the Year Trophy
  • A Weekend for two at a hotel, (conditions apply)
  • Media exposure



Please download Member of the Year Nomination Form here, complete and return to HRMAJ by fax (876) 969-7229 or scan and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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