An internationally recognized Association influencing performance and productivity through cutting edge human resource policies and practices. Under the direction of a twelve-member elected Board of Directors - HRMAJ, headed by a President - implements its programmes and activities with the support of a small Secretariat based in Kingston, through various committees.


To operate a vibrant and proactive organization, providing value-added services to our members, partners, associates and wider community; influencing policy, promoting organizational growth and the development of human capital.

Our Strategic Goal

Through initiatives in human capital development, accreditation, continuing education and public and private sector partnerships, we strive to facilitate the development of a cadre of HR professionals, as we increase public awareness and influence policies to support human resource development.

In addition, our goal is to empower Jamaican communities and enterprises to increase workforce productivity, job creation and competitiveness in the global marketplace in order to sustain Jamaica


39 HOPE ROAD, KINGSTON 10 (Entrance on Ardenne Road).


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